Lindberg Glasses: Fine Danish Eyewear at Della Optique Vancouver

When you wear Lindberg glasses, you’re telling the world that you think differently from most.


Each high-end frame is a hand-crafted announcement about the way things ought to be.

Lindberg rethinks the way glasses are created. Their technical innovations make for stronger, more flexible, light-weight, and all-around smarter eyewear.

Showcase your appreciation of exceptional aesthetics, innovation and impeccable craftsmanship with a pair of these award-winning frames.

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Stylish Frames by Lindberg

Their frames exude discreet, classic elegance coupled with careful simplicity. Their unapologetic, innovative designs have commanded countless prestigious international awards. 


A pair of high-class Lindberg glasses are sure to get you noticed. And remembered. 


Drawing deeply from the Danish design traditions, frame makers insist upon a unique blend of expert craftsmanship, no-compromise attention to detail, and patented technology to create a truly remarkable visual impact. 


Lindberg offers frames that are customised to your specific needs and preferences. These distinct, yet classic designs have a timeless elegance and irrefutable strength that will gain attention and never go out of style. 


They offer a selection of responsibly sourced materials for you to choose from:

  • Titanium

  • Acetate

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Diamonds

  • Natural animal horn


The enduring style is only outlasted by the durability of these well-constructed frames. The quality of every pair glasses is such that they will last for many years to come.

Exceptional Frame Construction

Lindberg has revolutionised modern eyewear with patented technical innovations and carefully engineered details.


The ultra-strong frames are constructed from titanium with a minimalistic approach. They’ve eliminated unnecessary complication and vulnerabilities by removing all screws, rivets and welds. They require minimal maintenance as Lindberg has eliminated the traditional weak points in eyeglasses.


This new type of frame is incredibly strong and flexible, yet among the lightest and most comfortable in the world. The innovative, rimless construction creates a featherweight frame, weighing less than two grams.

Custom Lindberg Eyewear in Vancouver

Lindberg eyewear combinines discerning style, unique materials, innovative technologies, and the best of individual craftsmanship. Each pair is entirely specific to your preferences.


Upgrade your eyewear today with timeless, innovative, and enduring Lindberg glasses. 

Examples of the types of frames we carry:

Lindberg April


Lindberg Cameron


Lindberg Sasha


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