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In Vancouver, sustainability and social responsibility are at the forefront of a consumer’s purchasing decision. MODO is an eyewear brand that appeals to Vancouver’s fashion-forward, purpose-driven consumers.

This company leads the way in combing style and quality with purpose and impact. In an industry known for wasteful practices, MODO provides an eyewear solution that is eco-friendly and focused on uplifting developing communities.

At Della Optique, we offer a variety of shapes and styles, presenting a hand-selected collection of MODO eyewear.

MODO’s Roots: Italy to NYC

Founder and CEO, Alessandro LanaroI, started MODO Eyewear in 1990. Lanarol was born and raised in the Italian Dolomites mountain range, where Italian eyewear manufacturing began back in the 1920s.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Venice, Alessandro Lanarol moved to New York where he founded MODO, turning his passion for eyewear manufacturing into a world-class eyewear brand.

With company headquarters in New York, Milan and Stockholm, MODO’s designs are a unique combination of the vibe found in those three cities. New York, the arts and culture capital of the world, influences the company’s processes and the city’s “melting pot” quality is found in the element of contrast present in MODO’s designs.

Fashion mecca, Milan, infuses Italian flavours and exquisite Italian craftsmanship into each frame.

And the trailblazers of minimalistic design in Stockholm set the tone for MODO’s Scandanavian approach to the architecture resulting in a fine balance of light, strength and structure. 

Purpose-Driven, Socially Responsible Eyewear

MODO is on a mission to become the world’s most socially responsible eyewear brand. And, so far, their ongoing mission has proved successful.

One Frame, One Tree

MODO started ECO, its first purpose-driven brand, in 2009. The corresponding program, ONE FRAME - ONE TREE, donates and plants a tree with every sale. In partnership with the NGO Trees for the Future — and its customers, ECO has resulted in over 2 million trees planted in Cameroon.

This program is dedicated to planting trees with rural communities in developing areas. Not only are environments restored, but community inhabitants are taught to grow food and make a sustainable living.

Buy A Frame, Help A Child See

MODO has also partnered with SEVA, a global non-profit organization that provides critical eye care to underserved communities. The program has focused its efforts in India, screening children, providing eyewear, surgeries and education for free.

Through this program, over 1 million children have received the help they need to save their eyesight, enabling them to complete school and pursue their dreams.

MODO’s Eyewear Materials

MODO is recognized as innovative in its use of materials. While the brand is known to use ultralight titanium to construct their glasses, the ECO brand takes innovation a step further by using recycled and bio-based materials.

For the ECO frames “Born Recycled” collection, MODO uses 95% recycled content. Currently, MODO is the only eyewear company using these materials. An audit is conducted by UL Environment for transparency and credibility.

For the “Born Bio-Based” collection (also under the ECO brand), frames contain 64% bio-based material through the use of castor seeds. Once again, to increase trust with their consumers, the collection is USDA-certified.

MODO Eyeglasses For Vancouver’s Socially Responsible Consumers

Thanks to MODO eyeglasses, you can look good while doing good. Choose glasses made from sustainable materials or a pair that provides eye care to a child in need. Either way, you walk away with a pair of glasses that is chic, made to last and makes the world a better place. 

Book your complimentary eyewear makeover with our Master Frame Stylist to find your new purpose-driven frames. 

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