• David Knight, Actor and Model (from Vancouver, BC)

I just got my first pair of progressives...

I just got my first pair of progressives from Dr. Della Chow after about 5 plus years of switching back and forth from readers, and I have to say I love them. The first couple days I had to get used to walking down the stairs and remembering to look where I wanted to see, not just lower my eyes because then I was looking through the 'readers' part of the progressives. But, after a couple days I was on the program and reading and watching TV and driving like a pro…

Before my eye exam with Dr. Chow, I didn’t really know that I could see better in the distance. She found I needed a mild correction in the distance. With the mild distance correction in the top of the progressive lens, I am able to read road signs more clearly so am able to navigate from a greater distance than before. I can actually see the road signs and names well before I reach them.

I did experience some very mild disorientation that at first made me wonder if those 2(or 3) glasses of wine the night before were responsible, but then my partner reminded me that that could happen when you first wear progressives. It hasn’t happened since those first couple days because my brain has figured it out. All in all, I have to say it is so great to both read, and also see distance clearly and I would not hesitate to recommend getting progressives if you have the need for both distance and readers.

Even if you have pretty good distance vision like I do. Because, if you’re like the old me you would probably have 5 pairs of readers tucked around the house and car and you can never find a pair when you need them most. So much easier to have progressives when you are in a dark restaurant trying to read the ridiculously small menu fonts... or when you forget you have the readers on and the next thing you know you’re watching TV and walking around your home with readers on looking like Grandpa. We all don’t need to feel older than we already are. I feel a lot younger and see like my 20 year old self when I am wearing my progressives.

David Knight Actor, Model (Vancouver, BC)


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