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13th Annual Cabriolet Gala: raising funds with Brian Jessel for pancreatic cancer research

Dr. Della Chow and staff are proud to have done a part contributing to funding research which fights pancreatic cancer. This past weekend Dr. Chow and Della Optique's own frame stylist Kim Dobinson attended the 13th Annual Cabriolet Gala at 2311 Boundary Road, in Vancouver.

For over 30 years, Brian Jessel has built a most distinguished brand and reputation in the lower Mainland. Along with this distinction, is one of Vancouver’s best-known and influential charity galas known as “Cabriolet”. This year we saw major changes to the Cabriolet gala with high top sit down tables of eight. A bubbly return to the joie-de-vivre of Paris of the 30’s – le Jazz hot with soul, Cabaret Cabriolet.

Know the signs, Change the outcome.‘This year, an estimated 5,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, of which 4,800 will not survive. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, with a five-year survival rate remaining in the single digits. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer receives less than 2% of government cancer funding.

Pancreatic Cancer knows no bounds. There is no means to detect it and still no known treatment to make a difference quick enough. Most patients are very advanced by the time they are diagnosed. Mr. Jessel’s commitment to pancreatic cancer research and funding became his charity of choice, after Bernie Jessel, Brian’s father, passed from the disease in 2010.

To do more, or to contribute to the Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation please visit their donation page here


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