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Eyewear shopping in Kitsilano this Summer

Shopping for Summer sunglasses can seem like a daunting task. Especially when faced with so many brands and options. How does one find a reliable, sturdy frame in the shape and colour that compliments one's facial features?

And, are all sunglasses created equal?

How does one know when he or she has one's hands on a premium pair of sunglasses versus a second-tier frame?

To understand the market supply, one only has to look at the big eyewear brands that we see lining eyewear stores up and down Kitsilano's shopping corridor. Big brands dominate the chain stores and malls across Canada.

At Della Optique, we still like to think that eyewear shopping is an individual and personal task. And that the eyewear shopping experience is about finding the perfect frame to accentuate one's appearance. Sometimes the big chains don't have the perfect frame for everyone.

Sometimes it takes looking at smaller, independent makers of luxury eyewear in order to find the perfect frame.

This is what drives the unique selection of carefully-curated eyewear at Della Optique. We go to great lengths to stay on top of market trends. We search the world over for artisanal makers of designer eyewear, unique glasses that can fill the gaps left between the big eyewear giants' inventories.

A repeat client drove all the way up to Della Optique from White Rock this week to find the perfect frame. She sent in a variety of photographs from her shopping pilgrimage and we think she found that perfect pair of sunglasses.

We were tickled pink by the photographic documentary of her visit that we thought we would share.

We're proud to feature traditional established brands like Oakley, and Ray-Ban. We're just as proud of our smaller European designers like Face a Face, Modo, Mikita and Lindberg, or our America frames like SALT and L.A. Eyeworks.

Good things come in all shapes and sizes!

- The Della Optique Team


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