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Dr. Chow, or Della, as everyone calls her, is an optometrist chosen as a Distinguished Doctor™ based on various accomplishments throughout the course of her career. And, as you may have already guessed, Della Chow is also the owner of Della Optique. Growing up around parents who owned a small, high-end restaurant in Prince George, BC, young Della learned all about the impact of providing unparalleled hospitality. It was not only in the details but in how each detail came together to deliver a first-class experience that had patrons returning to the restaurant time and again. Her parents made sure that every customer noticed the attentive service, the inviting ambience, and, of course, the mouth-watering food. The exposure to outstanding restaurant hospitality gave Della the know-how when it came time to design the Della Optique customer experience that her clients have been raving about for 20 years.

Della Optique is more than a business to Della. It’s a platform for her mission, one that is personally fulfilling. She is committed to helping people see better and making sure they look good too. The company was founded in the spirit of health, fashion, and compassion inspired by her own challenges with glasses as a young child. She had an eye condition that called for very thick glasses, and she found that they stunted her social life. Her glasses held her back from participating in any sports and with frames that didn’t make her feel good about her appearance, simply making friends was difficult. Having suffered the isolating consequences of poor vision and unsightly frames, Della was driven to prevent people of all ages from going through such a traumatic experience. In her 20s, Della graduated from the University of Waterloo in Ontario as an optometrist. She started off working as a doctor in multi-doctor clinics in the Lower Mainland. The atmosphere at those clinics was cold, uninviting and….well...clinical. Della found herself more motivated than ever to offer a warm and personalized experience for her patients.

So in 2001, she opened Della Optique in Kitsilano where she presents a one-stop-shop solution for those who need glasses. Della offers both high-quality eye exams and designer eyewear options for her patients. Through her business, she has been able to provide the positive experience she had yearned for as a child. Since then, she has been dedicated to helping people see better and look stylish. As a doctor, a business owner, and a designer eyewear curator, Della wears many hats. Having decades of education and experience as a doctor, being raised by entrepreneurs, and having an eye for fashion, make for a unique skill set that allows her to excel in all roles. When she isn’t seeing patients at Della Optique, you can find her in Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York City, handpicking a unique selection of stylish eyewear for her customers. And when she’s not working on her business, she is either in Victoria helping out with her family or cuddling her beloved cats. After almost two decades since the opening of Della Optique, Della Chow continues to serve the people of Kitsilano and beyond—making her a well-loved name in the neighbourhood. From the waiting lounge to the eye exam, and from the eye exam to the custom eyewear makeover, Chow ensures that each and every person who walks in the door leaves feeling—and looking—their best.


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