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  • I am smiling...
    It's a rainy fall evening, but I am smiling. I just picked up my new glasses from Della Optique. Besides the fact that I love this new pair, I just want to say that it is very rare you get such warm and sincere customer service as I experienced at Della's. I wasn't an easy client. We had to order in a pair of frames, and repair my old frames to keep me seeing until the new ones came in. Throughout the process the staff was always helpful and even enthusiastic about my purchase. Special shout out to Phil and Kim who coached me through my buying process. I will be back soon Della, to pick up my second pair. - Brian Jessel


  • So incredibly impressed...
    Everything about my experience today was A+. I highly recommend Della Optique. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. One girl helped me try on about 20 or 30 pairs as I am super fussy and self conscious in glasses but she made the experience so much more enjoyable and advised me well on what suited me and fitted me best. My optometrist was incredibly friendly and professional. She explained to me all about the different parts of the eye and what it does etc. No optometrist has ever told me this before so I found it incredibly interesting and informative. Once my prescription was decided and my frames chosen, another girl made my glasses for me right there and then and they were ready in 20 minutes while I got to relax in the sitting area reading great magazines and drinking cucumber water! I am so incredibly impressed with Della Optique. Thank you to everyone who works there and helped me out today. - Rhiannon Smith


  • fully committed...

    Della is that quintessentially excellent health professional that we all dream of discovering for our own care: highly competent, fully committed, caring and empathetic. On top of that, she takes the time necessary to properly examine you and has the skills to explain things to you in an understandable and comforting manner. Full marks! - Gail Bellward

  • high knowledge base...

    My wife has been seeing Della for some time and told me she is excellent. After a number of years seeing other Optometrists, I finally arranged to see Della today. Simply put, my wife was right. Della was punctual, pleasant and professional. She combined an extremely high knowledge base with a lighthearted approach and sense of humour. Della explained everything to me as we went and took time towards the end of the appointment to ensure everything was right. I never felt rush and she encouraged me to come back if I had any questions or concerns. I could not recommend her more highly. Min Trevor Kyi, Clinical Associate Professor, UBC. - Min Kyi

  • great personality...

    I have been going to Della Optique since 2005 and have only ever had the most positive experience. I have seen numerous optometrists in my life, yet Dr. Della Chow is not only highly experienced in her field of work, she put you at ease with a great personality, and clearly explains everything necessary to having the best health. Recently, I had a question about the strength of my glasses and she called me back to reassure me that it was normal. To have the optometrist personally call you back, rather than the receptionist, is a rarity. I highly recommend Della Optique as the best place in the city to have the complete health of your eyes checked. In addition, the selection of glasses and sunglasses is awesome. - Cora MacPhee

  • easy to talk to...

    It had been a while since I last went for an eye exam and I was cautious about who to choose in Vancouver as there is far too many choices. I had a look at the Google Reviews and Della Optique was by far the #1 choice! Very professional, easy to talk to, and a great overall experience. - Dillon Crouch

  • great selection of frames...

    We recently purchased three pairs of glasses from Della Optique. They have a great selection of frames in a modern location. Della provided a very thorough and informative eye examination. If you need a pressure free environment where you can take your time, and find the right frame, I would recommend you visit the team at Della Optique. - Terry Streete

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