Eye Exams, Importance of

It is still common to think that eye exams are not necessary for people who see well, especially for those who have had laser vision correction.​


The fact is there are a number of eye diseases that can go undetected.  Many diseases, such as glaucoma, do not have obvious symptoms.  


We routinely encounter patients who were asymptomatic but were found to have cataracts, glaucoma, retinal tears etc. 


Routine eye exams are recommended for everyone.  


A child’s first eye exam should occur around 6 months of age, followed by an exam at age 3, then yearly during school years (or more frequently if indicated).


Adults 19 years and older should be checked yearly.  

 So what is done in an eye health exam?  We use a biomicroscope to examine eyelids, eyelashes, sclera, conjunctiva, cornea and lenses.  


We then use an opthalmoscope to look inside your eyes to assess the optic nerve, retina, blood vessels and peripheral areas to ensure an overall healthy eye.  


While you may see 20/20 and have no complaints, a regular eye exam is required to ensure good ocular health. 


Think of it as part of your yearly physical exam!  










Dr. Jenny Tsui
Doctor of Optometry,
Della Optique

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