Face a Face Eyewear in Vancouver

FACE A FACE brings Paris fashion to the streets of Vancouver with eyewear collections that promise to turn heads. 

This ultramodern eyewear brand features daringly distinctive shapes and unique hues that are inspired by contemporary art and architecture. With frames that capture the essence of the masculine and the flirty feminine, FACE A FACE aims to amplify the most defining quality of your personality.        


At Della Optique, our curated collection of FACE A FACE frames allows you to experience Vancouver en vogue.



FACE A FACE was created in France by eyewear aficionados, Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth. It was Pascal Jaulent’s vision that fueled the brand. He wanted the brand to be known for creating eyeglass frames that encompass the character, flair and personality of the wearer.


Jaulent’s original career was in urban planning where he applied his love for architecture and design. Later, he found himself working at Lunettes Lafont Paris as General Manager. He immersed in the eyewear world, fascinated by the technical and fashion aspects of eyewear design.


Pascal Jaulent partnered with Nadine Roth in 1995 to found the brand and form the company’s design team of two. Together they worked with shapes, textures and colours to create architecturally-inspired eyewear collections.


The fashion-forward and quality-conscious brand quickly became well-known for seductive and bold styles that stood out from the crowd. 


The FACE A FACE frames have been worn by celebrities like Jude Law, in The Holiday, and Sarah Jessica Parker, in Sex and the City.


FACE A FACE has brought fabulous French fashion to the streets all over the world.

Behind The Design


With the main office located by the Champs Elysees, FACE A FACE eyewear designs tend to be a true embodiment of the Parisienne personality. The forward-thinking design team takes pride in producing innovative style solutions for frames that are instantly recognizable all over the world.


FACE A FACE designs are a product of numerous experiments with unique combinations of seductive shapes, high-quality materials, tantalizing textures and unexpected colours schemes. Their objective behind every frame design is the same: To accentuate the wearer’s personal expression.


The brand’s design process includes in-depth explorations of the following influences:


  • Architectural design

  • The relationship between colours, contrast and light

  • Graphic design

  • Cosmetics

  • The concept of duality - FACE A FACE frames often feature two colours and two materials.


Functional research precedes every design in order to understand the wearer’s needs, desires and how they would like to use eyeglasses to reflect their individuality. 


Find FACE A FACE In Vancouver


The perfect eyewear for you should address your needs, your lifestyle, your personality and your look. If you’re looking for bold frames made by a premium eyewear brand, check out our FACE A FACE collection at Della Optique.

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