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There are few must-haves that are so universally agreed upon. Ray-Ban glasses are one of them. A global leader in premium eyewear, Ray-Ban glasses are Vancouver’s staple accessory. With iconic frames like the Aviator, Wayfarer, Round and Clubmaster, Ray-Bans are a classic style statement.

Being a symbol of good looks and high quality, wearing a pair of Ray-Bans in Vancouver is guaranteed to turn heads.

With a wide range of styles that feature Ray-Ban’s signature geometric shapes, there is a pair for everyone. At Della Optique, our hand-picked selection of Ray-Bans gives you plenty of options to choose from. Our in-house frame stylists can help you choose the pair that complements your personal style.

History of Ray-Ban

Before you were able to find Ray-Ban sunglasses in Vancouver, they were used by the US Air Force. Ray-Bans were originally developed for pilots in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb, an American company.

Prior to the First World War, optical glasses were often imported from Germany. When Germany turned into the enemy, America turned it’s focus locally by developing the domestic optical industry.

In 1929, Bausch & Lomb started working with the US Air Force to create sunglasses that would enhance a pilot’s vision by reducing the distraction of the sky’s white and blue hues and eliminating goggle fog at high altitudes. The original creation was known as “Anti-Glare” which removed the glare without compromising vision.

Later, the “Anti-Glare” was made with a metal frame and the Ray-Ban Aviators were born.

Ray-Bans have been seen on Hollywood’s finest in some of the most popular movies of all time. A-list celebrities who wore Ray-Bans in movies include James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Peter Fonda, Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stalone and many more.

In the last 80 years, Ray-Ban glasses have helped countless actors get into character with the perfect pair to complement their persona.

Creating the World’s Most Celebrated Eyewear

The production of Ray-Ban glasses follows a strict creation process to ensure the highest quality eyewear. Acetate, hypoallergenic metal, and titanium are among the materials used with quality control in place to turn them into the world’s best glasses. Perfection is the aim along every step of the Ray-Ban design and production journey.

Whether you choose the iconic Aviators, the retro Round Metals or the classic Clubmasters, Ray-Bans are designed to make anyone look absolutely legendary.

After more than 70 years of research, Ray-Ban’s polarized lenses boast the ability to block more than 99% of reflected light. Ray-Ban polarized lenses promise to eliminate glare, reduce eye strain, enhance contrast and increase overall visual clarity.

The Ray-Ban reputation for making eyewear of phenomenal quality exists for good reason. The world’s most sought-after eyewear is both fashionable and functional. 

Look Better in Vancouver with Our Ray-Ban Glasses

Sunny days in Vancouver are even more stunning when you wear a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban glasses also come in a variety of flattering designs that make you stand out indoors while offering vision correction.

Whatever your everyday eyewear needs may be, both signature Ray-Bans classics and their latest styles promise to elevate your look. 

To find your next pair of Ray-Ban glasses, book your complimentary eyewear makeover with our Master Frame Stylist today.

Examples of the types of frames we carry:

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic


Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses


Ray-Ban Chromance


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