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If you’re looking for designer eyewear that helps you look effortlessly stylish, Tom Ford sunglasses and glasses do just that.  Be prepared to make a statement with a luxury brand that truly exemplifies quality eyewear.

Classic meets contemporary with these flawless frames. Tom Ford designs are the perfect combination of timeless elegance and modern flair.

Adding a pair of Tom Ford glasses to your outfit is a classy way to subtly showcase your exquisite taste.

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Tom Ford - An Iconic Brand 

Tom Ford is one of the most celebrated designers of today. His designs are inspired by the same qualities of individualistic expression and confidence that made him successful.

Since 2005, the award-winning brand has been on a mission to turn all your opulent fashion fantasies into reality. And the mission has proven to be a success; the eyewear collection ranks in the top 3 brands at specialty stores worldwide.

Tom Ford’s iconic metal T logo is a widely-recognized symbol that elegantly hints at your high standards when it comes to quality and style.

Sported by fictional fashion icon, James Bond, in the 007 Saga Movies, as well as by countless A-list celebrities, off-screen, Tom Ford glasses are well-known and massively popular.

Stylish and Functional Glasses for Every Face Shape

While Tom Ford sunglasses and Tom Ford glasses are highly-coveted style accessories, the brand’s eyewear collections are known for more than their exceptional aesthetics. Adjustable nose pads and 100% UV protection may be standard eyewear features but Blue Block lenses and ready-to-wear clear lenses prove Tom Ford’s dedication to ensuring your visual comfort. These lenses work to reduce eye strain brought on by exposure to blue light from digital screens.

When it comes to form, Tom Ford glasses offer accentuated silhouettes and well-defined shapes. The Tom Ford sunglasses and glasses collections offer the following shapes:

  • Aviators

  • Cat-Eye

  • Round

  • Soft Round

  • Soft Square

  • Square

By providing a wide selection of shapes, sizes and colours, Tom Ford designs present a pair of glasses for every face shape.

Tom Ford Premium Quality Eyewear in Vancouver


Superior materials, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, are the guiding principles behind every pair of glasses. The brand’s values are evident in their eyewear products thanks to the best in Italian craftsmanship. Partnering with Marcolin Group for flawless manufacturing allows Tom Ford to produce eyeglasses that offer comfort, protection, vision correction and, of course, elegant design.

When luxury eyewear is this reputable and timeless, it’s easy to see why a pair of Tom Ford glasses is a smart investment. Make elite eyewear a part of your everyday style with Tom Ford.

Examples of the types of frames we carry:

Tom Ford Caine


Tom Ford Cobra


Tom Ford Austin


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