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Find the proper fit: At our Kitsilano clinic, optometrists recommend the solution that makes the most sense for you.

Vancouver was named one of the top 5 most beautiful cities in the world! Few of us are lucky enough to live here. But for some, poor eyesight gets in the way of taking in all the beauty that this city has to offer. Besides allowing you to appreciate the view, your vision impacts your quality of life.


Researchers estimate that more than 80 percent of perception comes through vision. So if you’re in need of a vision correction solution, it’s worth addressing. Your optometrist can identify whether you need prescription glasses to help you see clearly.

The Importance Of Good Prescription Glasses 

Prescription glasses need to do more than just correct your vision. They need to account for your eye condition, your face shape, your lifestyle needs, and your look.

1. Lenses For Your Prescription: The proper lenses for you will be based on your eye prescription. A prescription is simply a formula that determines the best lenses for your condition. This formula considers the strength of the lens you need, the lens power required to correct astigmatism, and the location of the lens correction; additional information may be considered depending on your condition.

2. Prescription Glasses For Your Lifestyle: Prescription glasses consider your daily needs. If you have an active lifestyle or engage in sports, your glasses should be made of highly durable materials that can bend and twist without breaking.


3. Frames To Fit Your Face: Glasses don’t need to be uncomfortable. Good prescription glasses should fit the shape of your face by placing just the right amount of pressure on the nose and the temples and not pressing into your eyelashes.


4. Glasses That Look Good On You: Prescription glasses are an opportunity to make a style statement. Your frames should reflect your personality. Whether you’d like to accentuate your creative side, emphasize your professional attitude, or choose something more versatile, our master frame stylists help you achieve the look you want while highlighting your best features. Our collection of designer frames have been sourced from all over the world to provide you with the most unique selection of prescription glasses in Kitsilano.

Good prescription glasses take all four factors into consideration to maximize your comfort and elevate your style. 

6 Signs That Your Prescription Might Be Wrong 

It is very common for eyesight to change over time. This is particularly true in a world where eyes are constantly focused on screens. Routine eye exams are required in order to have up-to-date prescription glasses that cater to your current condition.

The following signs are an indication that your prescription may be outdated:

  • Eyestrain and eye pain

  • Headaches

  • Inability to focus

  • Dry, itchy, burning, or watery eyes

  • Double or blurred vision

  • Light sensitivity


If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, make an appointment with an optometrist. If none of those symptoms are present, you should still see your optometrist annually to ensure that your prescription is up-to-date.

 What Our Clients Are Saying: 

Find Out What Your Prescription Is 

It is always best to get your prescription by an eye doctor. At Della Optique, our optometrists provide in-depth eye exams to determine your prescription accompanied by a thorough explanation of your ocular health.

We offer completely personalized eye care by providing eye exams, style advice and the most fashionable prescription glasses in Vancouver.

The process involved in finding your prescription glasses can be daunting. At Della Optique, we’re on a mission to make it easy and enjoyable.

Book an appointment to update your prescription or to get an eyewear makeover.

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