Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses in Vancouver

The city instantly comes alive when you put on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. Who would’ve thought that a pair of sunglasses could make your world more colourful? After all, sunglasses are called “shades” for a reason; they typically have a dimming effect.

Well, when it comes to wearing Maui Jim sunglasses, there is nothing dull about it. Their ground-breaking lens technology is designed to heighten hues, increase clarity, and enhance details. And with unique styles like the Fashion and the Cat Eye, these sunglasses bring out your own vibrant personality too.

At Della Optique, our selection of Maui Jim sunglasses offers you the most attractive, hand-picked options out of their 125 styles. Whether you like to stand out or prefer a more classic approach, we have the perfect Maui Jim frames for your face. 


The Maui Jim Origin Story


The Maui Jim brand was born in 1980 on a beach in Hawaii. A fisherman named Jim Richards, known as “Maui Jim”, started selling sunglasses on the beach in a place called Lahaina, a Hawaiin word for “cruel sun”. Richards saw a need to create sunglasses that are designed to combat the harsh glare of the island sun in addition to protecting against harmful UV rays. He wanted his customers to experience the island in full colour and under such bright conditions, vibrant colours go unnoticed.

The independently-owned company engineered the game-changing PolarizedPlus2® lens. This advanced lens technology was incorporated into their original Classic Collection which consisted of seven sunglass styles.


The small company eventually expanded its presence beyond the beaches of Hawaii. Now you can find Maui Jim sunglasses in Vancouver at select independent stores like ours, and all over the globe. In fact, the brand became the largest independently-owned sunglass company in the world. 


The Revolutionary Lens 


The success of the leading sunglass brand is thanks to the patented PolarizedPlus2® technology. The industry-leading lens technology changes the way you see the world. With every pair containing the PolarizedPlus2® lenses, it is clear that this company believes that colour and light are significant components of experiencing a beautiful life.

Besides enhancing your view, the advanced technology provides protection from 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

The lens comes in four different colours that correspond to the varying light conditions depending on your environment and activity. The Neutral Grey provides the highest amount of light reduction making this lens best for direct sunlight. The HCL Bronze offers a warm tint and is the most versatile, making it best for everyday use. The Maui Rose is designed for fast-action activities thanks to its ability to provide the highest contrast. The Maui Jim lens that is ideal for low light conditions is the Maui HT; it enhances contrast and colour where most other lenses would have a dimming effect.


See the Real Vancouver with Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses 


Vancouver is known for its natural beauty and varying weather conditions—making it the ideal city for Maui Jim sunglasses. Whether you’re golfing on a cloudy day or going for a stroll in the sunshine, Maui Jim sunglasses make all the difference.

To find your next pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, book your complimentary eyewear makeover with our Master Frame Stylist today.

Examples of the types of frames we carry:

Maui Jim Akau


Maui Jim Kiawe


Maui Jim Seacliff


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