MYKITA Eyewear in Vancouver

MYKITA brings award-winning eyewear designs and uncompromising quality to the people of Vancouver.

This innovative brand features designer eyewear that is proudly assembled by hand in-house in Berlin. MYKITA combines unconventional designs with technologically advanced material to create light yet durable frames that aim to bring out a person’s distinctive qualities.

At Della Optique, we carry a curated collection of MYKITA frames—from the classic styles to the more cutting-edge options. 


MYKITA was founded in Berlin in 2003 by Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans, Moritz Krüger, Nils Neckel and Jean-Pierre Neumeister. The group decided on the name since the first MYKITA quarters were in a former children’s nursery. Inspired by the daycare’s environment of creativity, curiosity and play, the founders incorporated the word ”Kita” (an abbreviation for Kindertagesstätte) into the name and the company’s culture. 

Having won several prestigious design awards, it wasn’t long before MYKITA received international media attention. The eyewear company became a sought-after luxury brand name in households around the world when Sarah Jessica Parker wore a pair of MYKITA sunglasses in the movie Sex and the City 2.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her MYKITA sunglasses in Sex and the City 2

MYKITA Glasses Made In-Haus

The MYKITA difference is found in their designs, their technology and their manufacturing process. Unlike most eyewear brands, MYKITA’s process, from design conception to eyewear production, all happens under one roof in the company headquarters named the MYKITA HAUS. The MYKITA team considers their independent, “modern manufactory”, as they like to call it, to be a key factor in their success.

Being entirely self-sufficient not only allows MYKITA ultimate quality control but also encourages creativity, experimentation and technological innovation.

Fuelled by an inventive spirit, MYKITA breaks through the typical confines often found in the eyewear industry. The culture of play, curiosity, and open-mindedness drives the pursuit of technological advancement.

Function Meets Fashion

From the very first collection came MYKITA’s signature design element—the spiral hinge. This patented feature, originally developed as a mechanical solution, set the tone for MYKITA’s guiding motto for design: “The technical solution must also be aesthetic”.

The patented eyewear designs aim to be simple, functional and pleasantly eccentric. 
They offer styles that are edgy and masculine, flirty and feminine, progressive and unisex. With six different shapes, from the classic aviator to the exquisite butterfly, a flattering frame can be found for every face shape.

Using stainless steel, acetate or MYLON, MYKITA glasses are known for their quality construction.
MYKITA sunglasses come with a polarised, gradient or photochromic lens, offering maximum UV ray protection and minimum glare.

From Berlin To Vancouver: MYKITA Sunglasses And Glasses

Made in the MYKITA HAUS and brought to you by Della Optique, MYKITA glasses and sunglasses are sure to be your new favourite eyewear accessories. MYKITA designs promise to deliver high-performance sunglasses and high-quality glasses alongside a style best described as “idiosyncratic elegance”. 

At Della Optique, we will help you discover frames as unique as you are. Book your complimentary eyewear makeover with our Master Frame Stylist today.

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